Escalator ettiquette

Phew, I’m exhausted. I need this long weekend… badly. By the time Friday rolled around I was barely getting anything done at work, I was just so depleted. And I was late for the first time ever. Many of you who know me know that I am notoriously punctual… it is inscribed in my DNA or something. I distinctly remember turning on my alarm clock before going to bed the night before, but when I lazily glanced at it at 8:30 the next morning (I normally get up at 7 AM, 6:30 if I’m going swimming, which I had been going to do) it was compelling evidence to the contrary. Oh well, no one seemed to mind anyway, and being half an hour late for the first time in three months is not so bad.

I don’t know if the RNC is actually over or not yet, but it has definitely wound down. No major drama took place, pretty much like I predicted. There were a bunch of arrests, and the city wound up getting fined a huge amount by the courts when they didn’t release them all in a timely enough fashion, which was a nice nod towards the protesters. I only ever ventured into the thick of it once, really, so I was hardly put out of my way. A lot of businesses have been hit badly by it, though. So much for the big boost in the economy it was supposed to bring. I know I, for one, will feel better the further Dubya gets from this city.

One very cool development in my otherwise futile course with Gotham City Improv is that one of the people in my class is a somewhat major performer in The Lion King on Broadway. The RNC has been murder for the theatre district, and he was able to get a few of us free tickets to the see the show on Wednesday as a result, which was very nice. He even told us that he’d be able to give us a tour of the backstage after the show, which would’ve been awesome, but he ended up getting denied permission to let us in. At least I got to see the show for free, though. We went out for drinks afterwards… this marks the second time I’ve been in a cocktail lounge that was way more classy than I am. I distinctly got the impression of insincere earnestness from the serving staff… maybe it’s all in my head, but I think if I hadn’t been there with a principle performer in a Broadway musical I would’ve been asked politely to leave.

The first time I was in one such lounge it was also in the Times Square area, after a failed attempt to get cheap tickets for a show. I’d chatted with a few nice people in the line while we waited for well over an hour, so we all decided to get drinks together after we didn’t make it into the show. We went to one of those jazzy places that doesn’t serve anything other than alcohol, and drinks start around $11 and go up from there. I’d figured what the hell; it’s not like I was paying to see the show anyway. Now, it’s important that I explain the biological context here: I’m not exactly a heavyweight, and I hadn’t eaten since lunch, but I know what my tolerance is like and I know what to expect when I go boozing. I ordered a single Manhattan… by the time I got to the bottom of this drink, I was completely plastered, worse than I’d been in months and months. My speech was slurring, I couldn’t have walked in a straight line if I’d had a railing to hold on to, and I was all the while trying to keep up intelligent and witty conversation with two of the girls I’d met in line. Not a good scene. I don’t know what they put in those drinks, but I sure as hell got my $11 worth.

So anyway, I naturally had to order a Manhattan in the upscale joint this past Wednesday with the improv folk and the guy from The Lion King, just to test and see if my weird experience the other time was one-off or not. Turns out it was… although the drink was strong it had nowhere near the same effect on me as it did last time. Which is ultimately a good thing, I’m sure; I don’t mind that I am a bit of a lightweight but that was utterly ridiculous.

Okay, new topic… did a lot of biking today, shopping around for some different recipes. I have been trying to put more seafood in my diet and this has resulted in me purchasing a lot of salmon, as it is relatively inexpensive and the best taste value for my dollar, but I am quicky getting sick of it. I tried making a salmon-alfredo-pasta today for some variety… it wasn’t exactly a failure, but I can’t really say it was a success either. I have half the sauce in my fridge left over for tomorrow night, and I’m trapped between conflicting desires to not waste food and never go near it again. I guess I’ll put off that decision until tomorrow evening.

I get annoyed on escalators… I like to keep moving, you see, and in Toronto escalators have signs on them saying to stand on the right side and walk on the left side. It’s nice and intuitive, given our driving conventions. NYC escalators don’t have these signs, though, so I can’t even get justifiably annoyed at people who block up the escalator. I had the same problem in Hamilton, for the record.

I’ve been meaning to take some pictures of my building and my neighbourhood and put them online, but I keep forgetting. I’ll try to remember to do so tomorrow.

Okay, that’s plenty for now, as I am getting quite sleepy. Keep sending me letters and e-mails; keep me up to date on what you’re all doing. You’ve heard what my life is like; I gotta live vicariously through someone.


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