I am Fate’s doormat

Apparently we are catching the tail end of Hurricane Frances here in NYC… the entire subway line to Manhattan from Queens was shut down this morning on account of flooding from the torrents of rain last night. I had to take the Long Island Rail Road into the city to get to work. It was my first time on the train, and I think if not for being packed in like cars in NYC rush-hour traffic and the train being delayed an additional 30 minutes, it would make for a very nice regular commute. All in all it took me about an extra hour to get to work, which is not actually so bad, but not the greatest way to start your day either.

In the midst of all of the chaos I happened to meet a very pretty girl and we got to talking… we were getting along famously, but of course she’s married. Whoever said NYC was a great city for singles was a filthy liar.

In other news, I am getting professional headshots done… it is impossible to audition for any theatre or improv in this city without them, no matter how amateur the production is. There is a headshot photographer down the hall from my office, so it is very convenient. I’m supposed to do them tomorrow, but he likes to shoot from the fire escape and it may not be possible if the weather doesn’t improve. These are going to wind up costing me $350 (minus a 10% discount he’s giving me for working down the hall) so it’s a pretty sizeable investment, but there’s really no way around it if I don’t want to get shut out of opportunities down the road. He does a very professional job from what I’ve seen, and it’s actually a pretty good price for this city. Still, my pocketbook is feeling the pinch.

The outdoor pools have officially closed now, and I’ll soon be faced with either paying $75 to swim indoors throughout the winter or finding some other form of recreation. I am afraid that I will be less likely to swim during the winter on account of the fairly long walk between the subway station to the rec centre… I don’t take very kindly to the cold weather. Biking will also be out… what’s a summer boy to do?

And so, life marches on…


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