Magazine morals

I keep a watchful eye on for any extra-good prices on stuff I wish to purchase. Occasionally they list free magazine subscription promotions, which I usually go for. They say not to expect them to begin arriving for a couple of months typically, and frankly I don’t ever expect to receive anything, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to take a shot at it.

Well, yesterday I got my first magazine. PC Magazine, to be exact. I don’t even own a PC, and after five years of software engineering I have no interest in reading about PCs. I cannot imagine what I must have been thinking when I selected it. This reaction was soon followed by the sinking realization that my future is probably going to be filled with tons of crappy magazines I don’t want, but clicked on because they were free. There is probably a lesson to be learned here.

In what I consider to be a bold move, I am gong to try ordering groceries off the Internet. Apparently this is a very popular thing to do lately, and is currently offering up to $25 back (on produce, anyway) if I order $100 or more, so I figure what the hell. It can’t be any worse than the grocery stores around here.

It is September 11… I hear there will be a number of events going on in the city commemorating the anniversary of the WTC attack. I just have rehearsals for the improv show I’m in… which I will be heading out to very soon.


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