Snowflake becomes blizzard

Okay, it’s been less than a week and already I have my fourth bloody issue of PC Magazine. They don’t appear to be sending me back issues either; each one is somehow new even though I don’t see how it’s temporally possible. There is no sign of them slowing down. What did I ever do to deserve this?

The subway got held up at a station this morning when a person fainted in one of the cars. I heard about it over the PA system they have throughout the train, although I don’t think the person speaking on the radio realized they were broadcasting to everyone when they said it. Lots of people left the train to find an alternate route to where they were going. I went to find the car in question to see if they needed help… by the time I got there, though, she had recovered and was doing fine. As the subway resumed its journey two of the passengers got into a vicious shouting match about who should have had to give up their seat when she passed out, all while the lady was still sitting embarrassed in front of them. This city has its ups and its downs, but every now and then it really shows its ugly side.

I’ve had the occassion to lend my assistance at a couple of medical emergencies since I’ve arrived here… nothing where there was very much to be done; usually just a matter of lending support and monitoring the person’s vital signs until the ambulance arrived… every time it happens, though, the police are amazed that I’m a stranger helping out, as if such a thing shocks their comprehension of the world.

It’s odd, as I’ve met some very nice people here who I’m certain wouldn’t hesitate even a moment to help out a stranger in trouble. Are they just statistically insignficant in a city as large as New York?


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