Fresh disappointment

Well, Freshdirect was a bust. First of all, I’m only writing about this now because I wasn’t able to get my groceries delievered on the day I ordered them, so I wound up having to delay the delivery for an entire week. The selection was poor, the quality ranging from bad to mediocre, and the portions disappointing for the amount I paid (I spent a sizeable chunk of my $25 free groceries on a swordfish steak that wound up being tiny). And they charged me a $5 delivery fee. All of the grocery stores around here deliver free (if you buy a minimum of $20-50 worth), on the same day, and with them I’m not stuck with the four giant boxes Freshdirect left me with.

Even the one thing I thought would be their saving grace turned out to be a big letdown… I have been absolutely unable to find smoked chicken at any of the deli counters in NYC. Freshdirect had “smokehouse chicken”, which I naturally ordered, but it turns out “smokehouse” is just a brand name or something and not a particularly meaningful one, since apparently they don’t smoke any of their food. Now I’m stuck with a pound of the stuff. And oh yeah, their macaroni salad is the absolute worst-tasting I’ve had from any of my various grocery store experiments. Money and food down the drain… and if there are two things I deplore wasting they are money and food.

So ordering food from my computer is a convenience I will continue to live without. At least I gave it a try, I suppose, but in the end I am not surprised to find myself retreating to the comfort and safety of a 90’s lifestyle.

I am absolutely exhausted this weekend… it took me almost two hours to get into the city for a two-hour rehearsal yesterday (much of which was spent in a sweltering subway car in which the air conditioning had broken down) thanks to more flooding on the tracks. Then in the evening I was running lights for [url=]Mike Short[/url]’s solo improv show, and a bunch of us went out for drinks after that. It was only 9 or 10 PM, and one person in the group wanted to go to a party, but the rest of us were just way too tired and wound up going home instead. It was hard not to feel old and pathetic… but of course it took me about another hour and a half to get home anyway, so there was some justification.

Today I am doing laundry and probably going into the city again for an improv jam. I have a ton of dishes to do (and more cleanup I imagine after I prepare that swordfish) and a monologue to memorize for a show tomorrow evening. Weekends are supposed to be my chance to relax and recharge for the onslaught of the work-week… when did that change? I am afraid that if I don’t take a vacation sometime soon I may accidentally wind up killing a bunch of people or something.


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