Splurges ‘n such

Ack, I just blew $80 on a watch. Guilt, guilt, guilt… but I really had no choice. I’m so picky about what I wear on my wrist. For several years I had a great watch that had an analog display with an LCD overlay that could vanish entirely with a button push, making it look much more elegant. But the digital display also included full monthly calendars, which I used all the time. Anyway, it broke about two years ago and was beyond repair. Since then I was given a simpler replacement watch as a gift, but the strap broke on it a couple of months ago and I really can’t be bothered to replace it, since it didn’t work very well to begin with. I went on a hunt in electronic stores all over NYC for the watch I used to have, but it’s been discontinued for several years now, it seems. I finally found it on the Internet the other day… in fact, I was able to find the more sophisticated-looking metal version. But yeah… $65 plus $15 tax and shipping… I’m definitely feeling the splurge.

Speaking of splurges, tomorrow my new course at the Peoples Improv Theater starts. That’s setting me back quite a few simoleans more. I’m getting a friend to take it with me, though, which gets me a referral fee that we’re splitting, so that helps a little bit.

And my birthday is coming up soon. I was thinking of getting tickets to see Wicked on the 19th as a present to myself, but thankfully they’re sold out until some time in January, so I was able to curb that spending impulse. … But I still may go there the day of and see if I can get in via the cheap-seat lottery. Gotta do stuff while I’m young… starting to feel that quarter-century…


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