It’s Can-tastic

* This post was named for the benefit of someone who pointed out the pleasure I derive from taking normal words and combining them into new ones.

So I made it back to Toronto yesterday, and to celebrate my parents scheduled a flu shot for me this morning. Yay, vacation. I actually almost missed the appointment because today was the first snowfall, and no matter lightly it hits everyone always transforms into a terrible driver the moment it does. There were terrible delays on the TTC… but I am back home now and none the worse for the wear, other than the live virus swimming throughout my circulatory system.

I am here for a week and it looks like I will be busy most evenings and have time to relax during the day, which seems good to me. Last night I managed to catch a friend’s sketch and improv show, and tonight I’ll be going to see [url=]catch23 Improv[/url], easily the best weekly improv show around. And I have cable again… God how I have missed my daily Law and Order reruns!

I was a little nervous driving to my friend’s show last night, as it’s been a little more than six months since I last sat in the driver’s seat. But it returned to me like riding a bicycle, fortunately. I’m just glad that I got reacquainted with it before the snow hit today.

It’s good to be back in spite of the cold. Maybe it’s just because things are more familiar here, or cleaner, or something. I miss this place, and while New York is now my home, Toronto will always be homier.


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