Make that crap-tastic

Argh… pretty much the day following that last post I woke up with the most severe cold I’ve had in ages. It has NOT been fun. I leave to return to New York tomorrow and it’s still raging strong. I’ve been showing up all sniffly and wheezy to some friends and downright cancelling plans with others. Not cool when you only get two weeks vacation a year.

At least I have managed to have some good experiences intermingled with the virus. Some highlights:

– I embarrassingly forgot what time Catch-23 began at, and showed up an hour early for it. As penance (or perhaps because I happened to be there and they were short a person), they had me run lights for their show. I always enjoy helping out, and these guys made me feel welcome as usual. Their show rocks, and is one of the things I miss the most about Toronto. Had sushi with one of the guys for lunch several days later. I may have inadvertently talked some of them into coming down to NYC to do a show as well, which would be awesome.

– Got to pay back some of my musical theatre friends for their visiting me in New York City. Went to Kelsey’s, which we don’t have in the States and I was oddly nostalgic for. It is always good to see old friends again.

– Paid Hamilton a visit and saw Chris. Wings, fries and (Canadian!) beer at the good ol’ West End bar, which at one time was within stumbling distance of my pad. We trekked around the campus a bit… he is doing his MBA so it’s all still very familiar to him, but it was weirder for me. Dropped by the engineering lounge which was open and vacated; someone had left what appeared to be several thousand dollars worth of unopened commercial software from Microsoft in boxes on the ground by the entrance. Probably shouldn’t be posting this on a public webpage, but I helped myself to a copy of Visual Studio .NET… they were all academic versions, so there is a very good chance it was a free promotional handout from Microsoft or something like that anyway. If not, well, it’s a good thing no one reads this blog. Besides, tomorrow I’ll be 500 miles away.

I should be ready to return to NYC by tomorrow. Work is another matter, though; this cold has cheated me out of getting in any of the real relaxation time I needed. Oh well, I’ll manage somehow. I always do.


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