The countdown continues

Well, it’s Friday on my first week back to work. My cold has pretty much healed away, but I have still been sniffling and coughing violently all week.

I have received a bunch of credit card offers in the mail ever since my social security number started circulating through the system. Most of them are for secured credit cards (like the one I have), but every now and then a bank is foolish enough to send me a legitimate offer, despite my lack of credit history in the States. I then send them in, never actually expecting anything to come of it, but figuring it doesn’t hurt to try. Well the other day I was surprised when I received a brand new and (this time) completely unsecured card from Chase/Bank One. The credit limit is only $400, but there is no deposit and no annual fee. I even earn “travel rewards” that can accumulate to something like $100 off of a flight once I’ve spent, uh, $10,000. Okay, so it’s not exactly what you’d call incentive, but it’s nice to finally have a real, unsecured American credit card; it makes me feel more like I belong here. Now if I can just figure out a way to pay off one of my credit cards with the other, I can create the illusion that I’m spending twice as much and really get my credit history off of the ground.

In geekier news, I finally picked up a wireless “G” router for my apartment that will have cost me a total of $2.01 after taxes and stamps, once both of the mail-in rebates get returned to me. It works great so far, and it’s nice not requiring my main computer on in order to share my internet connection with the laptop. Once again: yay, And, I suppose, the frugal genes I inherited from my parents.

Overall it’s been a tiring week. I’ve been recovering from the cold and spending a lot of time with Laura (my girlfriend, who is only being mentioned on this blog for the first time as I am normally very tight-lipped about stuff like that, and also because she reads this and it’s easier to leave her out of it entirely than attempt to pry my foot from my mouth), who is leaving to study anthropology in Costa Rica for three weeks in about another week or so. There are holiday parties ‘n stuff going on all weekend, and Sunday is my birthday… *sigh*, 25 already. How depressing.


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