Hot and cold

It’s the year’s first snowfall in NYC, and chaos reigns supreme. Where in Toronto people just start slippin’ and slidin’ into accidents all over the place, in New York they catch fire. I went out at lunchtime to see firetrucks cleaning up the mess a couple of blocks away on the same street I work on. And just moments ago we had suspicions that our own building was on fire, from people yelling at us from the building across the alley and reflections of smoke billowing in their windows. Turns out it was a building across the street from ours, where another half-dozen trucks are currently occupied with hosing it down.

It probably comes down to spaceheaters being used due to constant, endless construction. That combined with the sudden cold snap and shoddy electrical wiring in these old buildings.

I don’t know yet if the cold will affect the already ridiculous Manhattan driving conditions in the same way it does Toronto. Truth be told, there’s just a tiny bit of snow on the ground, and not nearly enough for the streets to ice over at all. It’s still enough to send me retreating into my proverbial shell of a jacket, though. I cannot abide the cold, and it is absolutely freezing out. Sure, it gets colder in Toronto, but not much colder. And I couldn’t stand it any more there than I can here. I am worried that I am seriously failing to uphold the standard of Canadians everywhere and the rigour we are supposed to possess. Oh well, maybe I’ll lament over it when the feeling returns to my extremeties.


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