Of mice and me

This is a story that takes place almost a week ago, but it’s still pretty fresh in my mind.

After everyone else in the office had taken off for the holidays and I was left alone, I found a mouse in one of our many traps. Normally this wouldn’t be my problem, but since I was going to be coming in the following week and nobody else was, the buck had clearly been passed to me.

We use glue traps, and I really, really, hate them. I’ve told my bosses before how much I hate them, but they are apparently the only thing that will work, since the conventional (and in my opinion, more humane) traps don’t. Now this frightened, tiny mouse had all four legs trapped on this card, waiting for me to dispose of it. With a networking cable threaded between its legs.

The glue is apparently quite effective, because no matter how I tried tugging at the tray, it was clear that it was going to rip the limbs off of this poor pathetic creature before releasing the cable.

So I’m on the phone, trying to reach our chief technical officer to find out if I’ll be disrupting any operations by unplugging this cable to pull it out from under this mouse. Except he’s on a plane flight to be with family and/or friends, so there’s no chance of reaching him. My efforts at tugging at this mouse, meanwhile, have caused it to get its face stuck in the glue, from where it would deliver an occasional soft and pathetic squeak. *sigh*

(For those who care how the story ends, I unplugged the cable anyway so I could put the mouse out the window, where it hopefully met a quick end.)

Sheesh. I mean, roaches are one thing… these mice are disgusting and they’re vermin, but they’re still mammals, and it really eats away at me.

Something about the holidays makes me incredibly lazy. I have a ton of cleaning and grocery shopping to do, but I don’t seem inclined to do either one, even though now’s the only time of the year when I don’t have anything else on my plate. Oh well.


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