Greater responsibility and less comfort

Okay, so I’ve got a lot to update but not so much time to do so, so bear with me.

A week ago Saturday my glasses broke, in an irreparable way (and I tried everything from hot glue to duct tape). I panicked a bit trying to find an optometrist who would be open on Sunday, and eventually found one, but I also found a ten-year-old spare pair of glasses that, other having lenses that were thicker than my wrist, worked perfectly fine. I’m glad I had the sagacity not to get the new prescription filled at Lenscrafters for nearly three times the price, in spite of my apparent urgency. I’ve since then received my new pair, and they are cool, but are taking some getting used to and if I don’t get used to them soon I’m going to have to revisit the doctor… and I don’t fancy the cost of a second exam and pair of lenses, should it come to that.

Anyway, when my first pair broke I had a hard time imagining the following week being any more chaotic than that. Reality does not bend to imagination, however.

First off, I’ve been sacked from the musical I was in for the past month (and that goes on in under two weeks). The circumstances surrounding that involve a difference of opinion between myself and the management, and are fairly tragic. While I do not feel responsible for how things turned out or the lack of level heads involved there, I’m pretty much unquestionably responsible for how things began, so I’m regretful for that and for catalyzing everything that came to pass. I wish them the best of luck, and hopefully smoother sailing hereon in than what they’ve experienced thus far.

The day after this happened I received a rather unexpected promotion at work, getting pulled off of my current project (LEGO Star Wars 2) to take charge of a programming team for a new DS game (which I reckon I probably shouldn’t name just yet, but: it’s of a sequel to a very popular movie and it’s gonna be a good one). It’s bittersweet as promotions go, as I’m leaving behind both a team and a game I really enjoyed working with/on to take on a mantle of far greater responsibility and less comfort. It also doesn’t help that this game was already a couple of weeks into preproduction (so I have LOTS of catching up to do for some deadlines over the next couple of days) at the same time that LEGO Star Wars was hitting its milestone (yesterday/today). So yeah, bittersweet AND majorly inconvenient.

Still, though, if I had to choose between getting fired from one job and promoted at the other, I suppose I’m relieved I got canned from the one that I was doing for free.

Those are the biggest developments. In addition to that, I’ve been cast in Two Gentlemen of Verona, with the same group that did Taming of the Shrew up at Snoqualmie Falls last summer, so yay, more summer camp for me.

And, as of last night I agreed to learn a part (as best I can manage) for Scapino – the other play I had wanted to do back when that musical began – in order to fill in for someone who can’t be at their performance this weekend. They have one pickup rehearsal on Thursday, then I can go see their Friday performance… then Saturday comes and it’s a party. It’s a small role, but the character still has about 100-120 lines. I’ve been told that I can have mnemonic aids, so that will help, but I’m still in pretty deep.

So yeah. Plenty of new developments, plenty of change… a solid recipe for burn-out, perhaps, but the other shoe is still being tightly grasped, at least for now.

Next update: whenever I can find the time.


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