A lick of code

I wound up doing karaoke last night with the cast of Scapino. They are a great bunch, but I only know most of them from the few evenings we were brought together for my emergency casting, so I’m not really part of the group or anything.

I still detest karaoke… for someone who rarely hesitates to compromise his dignity pretty much whenever there’s a chance for hilarity, I don’t know why I become so embarrassed and overwhelmed whenever it comes to singing badly. Anyway, this was in one of those private rooms so it wasn’t as brutal. It started late and went later, though, so today has been rough.

My plans for today included doing my first grocery shopping in weeks, and then going into work to try and finish up some of the code I’d been working on for LEGO Star Wars 2 (before I got pulled from that project to head up another, in case you haven’t been following my adventures).

I managed to get the grocery shopping done but then crashed in my apartment for the next few hours. Now my head hurts and I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep at all tonight. Hopefully I’ll be in good enough shape to go into work tomorrow. At least I have fresh groceries for a change.

The new game is going well enough. We’re a week into “official” production and I’ve barely had enough time to write a lick of code on it, and that’s awkward, even though it’s to be expected. I’ve got a strong team, though, and they’re already well ahead of my tentative schedule. Hopefully they’ll continue exceeding my expectations… and hopefully I’ll be able to adjust my expectations quickly enough to keep pace with them and the rest of the project.

In other news… I need a vacation. Part of the problem of getting pulled off of another project as it was in the autumn of its production cycle is that I don’t get the benefit of down-time after its conclusion. It looks like I’ll be taking a week in August to visit Toronto… maybe get some R-and-R at my parents’ cottage in Muskoka. That’s something to look forward to.


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