Far away from civilization

Last week had some of the most beautiful summer-like weather I’ve experienced in Washington… shorts and sandals and everything. It cooled off around Friday and it’s been raining the past couple of days, but I’m still optimistic for summer to return.

I was pretty busy on the weekend between rehearsal and other stuff. It’s a problem for me that I’m not getting any time to decompress from week to week. I’m still hitting the gym three times a week, but it hasn’t done much for my energy level, other than making me feel tired an hour earlier in the day on the days I wake up an hour earlier to go there.

Rehearsals for Two Gents are draining. There’s just so much driving to and from rehearsals and so much sitting around between scenes. I should take a book or something. Ooh, there’s a thought.

Today was mostly a write-off because I was moving to my new office. I’m glad the team is all consolidated into one region now, but I’m not thrilled at being in the far corner of the studio. Seriously, if you were to look at the space-planning map, I’m as far away from civilization as one can possibly be. I made a push to have our team move to a more centralized location, but it was really half-hearted because I knew logistics would prevent it from happening.

And now I’d better get my ass in gear and off to another rehearsal. Where does the time go?


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