This is my 200th post to this blog. A good blog for milestones. Notably:

– It’s a new year. 2007!

– I am a homeowner. As of January 5th.

– I had my first near-death experience today.

I went for my allergy shot this morning. I probably shouldn’t have… it was early and I had a headache and I was exhausted from trying to paint all weekend, but it was the last day before I would miss my dose and have to do an additional two weeks to catch up.

So I had a bad reaction to the shot… within the first couple of minutes I felt unusually warm, and my whole body had turned as red as a beet. Other than that I wasn’t feeling parcticularly bad, but they took me to the back and injected me with epinephrine right away. The epi hit me like a ton of bricks, and I was overcome with nausea and tightness in the chest, and they had to put me on oxygen. I got better soon after that, but it was pretty scary for a few minutes there.

My arm is still sore where they injected the epinephrine, and it left a tennis-ball size welt. I still wonder if I didn’t have a worse reaction to it than the allergy shot.

I asked what it meant that I had the reaction, and the doctor said it didn’t really mean much of anything other than that they dosed me with more than my body was prepared to handle this particular morning. It’s not common but not unusual either, and when it does happen less than 5% of patients have it happen a second time, although we need to back my dosage back down again and work it back up more gradually to play it safe.

So I was pretty off my game at work today, which is not good when we’re a week from beta. This is not helped by the fact that my new flooring gets installed next week, and after spending the whole weekend trying to get my place painted I only managed to get the ceilings done.

The ceilings are probably the worst, which bodes well for the rest of it, if I can only find the time to do it all. I had a couple of coworkers help me, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much done without them. I also had another coworker’s paint sprayer… which worked for about two minutes before clogging up, then exploded in my face when I tried to take it apart to clean it (which took about another hour’s work).

So much still remaining to do. Gotta buy new lighting fixtures, install them, tape up the apartment and do the remaining painting, all before next Monday, which is the day the wood arrives and the day we go beta. Brilliant timing.

Then I need to move the following weekend. I haven’t even begun to pack.

I know it’ll all be worth it. Once those floors get in and I’ve moved all my stuff over… it’ll feel like a home, and not just this gaping maw that I’m feeding all of my money into.

I just hope I make it there alive.


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