Another apocalyptic snowstorm

The hardwood arrives on Monday. Which is also the day we’re supposed to go beta.

In the meantime, I’ve been meaning to fix up the place to get ready for people to come help me paint on Saturday.

I was hoping to get most of the hard work done Monday and Tuesday, but I wound up being at work till around or after midnight each night getting builds out for the client, so it would have to wait till Wednesday.

Wednesday, another apocalyptic snowstorm hit us, basically keeping me from getting to the condo, or to Home Depot or Lowes to purchase the supplies I needed. Crap.

Yesterday I braved the hazardous roads in order to get at least something done. I wound up installing five lighting fixtures, mostly because Bill Harding didn’t think I could. I bought some edge-painters at Lowe’s and I’ll see how well they work… it’d be nice not to have to tape up everything.

Of course, if I tried to time everything in my life to not coincide with stuff going on at work, I’d probably get nothing done. But I’m still struck by how badly I’ve managed to time the effort of buying, reconditioning and moving into a new home with what’s easily the most critical month of the project.

The snow is quite beautiful but also quite deadly. It’d be easy for me to scoff at these west-coasties and how their society and infrastructure falls apart with only a little snow, but truth be told it’s no worse that first couple of days the snow hits in Toronto every year, before people get their snowtires installed. I have memories of cars trying in vain to climb up Spadina right around Casa Loma… always a treat.

I hope it goes away real soon.


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