Still in crunch mode

I realize it’s been a while longer than normal since I’ve posted anything. Things have been ridiculously hectic… truthfully, I barely have time to compose this entry between making builds at work. In brief:

  • Our final date got postponed by a week. Instead of submitting to Nintendo yesterday, we’re submitting next Monday instead. So we’re still in crunch mode.
  • I finished painting, got the flooring installed, moved all of the furniture and had the new appliances delivered, in that order. It was not without tribulation or story, but in the end everything got done more-or-less the way it was supposed to.
  • I finished moving the last of my crap over on Sunday, carload by carload. Everything is at the new place, to the extent that it is being stored effectively indoors. It kind of looks like a southern hurricane paid a visit to Washington just to descend on my condo and leave. I still have a ton to do before I can even consider unpacking any of it… between installing new blinds, installing the microwave hood, replacing all of the electrical outlets and switches and all the other miscellaneous little things that need to get done, it’s still feeling mostly like an investment and a long way from feeling like a home.
  • I’ve been cast as an ensemble member in a production of Gypsy, starting up next month sometime (hopefully as things start to cool down here). Just some lines; no singing. But it’ll be nice to be in a show again.
  • I won my work’s poker trophy again! It was almost exactly a year since the last time I won. There’s actually a bit of a story behind it, involving me putting an extra $50 into the pot as an incentive to get people to come over and help me paint before I hosted the game, and then them getting pissed off that I just went ahead and won most of it back. But I also sprung for pizza and beer and played very well overall (there was only one shamefully lucky beat I won on the river), so I think it’s more than fair.
  • I stopped shaving in protest of all of the stuff going on in my life about three weeks ago, and am now quite the grizzly soldier. I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’m going to keep the look, and for how long… I imagine a lot of it will boil down to what they want for Gypsy and any other show I’m in. I wouldn’t mind it except it looks so very messy. And it itches. *sigh*

So that’s the short version of everything. If you ever wanna hear details, just give me a shout!


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