Monthly Archives: January 2008

Going to have a blast

The following online conversation is an excellent illustration of why I shouldn’t try to be clever (names blocked out to protect the guilty): (4:20:42 PM) Dan Posluns: Guess who got run over by a bus?! (4:20:53 PM) ************: not you… … Continue reading

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I’ll do weird

My cold is mostly better now. In a swift and surprising turn of events I’ve been cast in a production of All in the Timing, a collection of one-act plays by David Ives, one of the most fantastic comedy playwrights … Continue reading

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I can do this

Been a while since my last update. Not too much new to report… my cold got much better by the time I made it back from Florida, but since this past weekend I’ve managed to catch another, which on the … Continue reading

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