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I realize I’ve been a little bit remiss in keeping up with this journal. Things have been busy-as-usual… one of the major disadvantages in having so many friends involved in theatre is that they’re usually busy on weekends doing shows, and often the best/only way to see them is to go see their shows. Unfortunately the time after a show is one of the worst times to actually hang out with someone. Plus everyone is always in different shows, and I’ve got my own shows at Unexpected keeping me busy as well.

I still managed to see Chess and Aladdin these past two weeks, as well as Bat Boy: The Musical (although I didn’t actually know anyone in that one, but was researching the show to see if I’m interested in auditioning for it when SecondStory does it next season… it was interesting enough and I probably will, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it). I’ll be seeing Annie Get Your Gun this week as well, and that still only clears about half of my list of friends in various productions. The good part is that I’m getting exposure to shows I likely never would have seen otherwise.

I’m still incrementally rebuilding myself over at Unexpected. It’s a bit tough because we’re experimenting with this new (for us) form called “Spoken” that’s pretty challenging to do well. I did it both Friday and Saturday this past weekend and Saturday’s was better than Friday’s, but I still feel like I’m waiting for the real magic of the form to manifest itself to me. I’m starting to feel more comfortable again, though… we did our brand of a Harold last night and it was a lot of fun.

One of the features of working at ArenaNet is that we are able to order lunch in from a rotating set of restaurants every day and have them automatically deduct our paycheques and have the food delivered right to us. My only problem is that it almost always means having a late lunch, as the food doesn’t typically arrive until 1:30 or so. Apparently most developers are okay with this because they live on aberrant tech-industry schedules or something, but my circadian body wants to eat at noon, damnit. I’ve gotten somewhat used to the 1:30 timeframe, but it doesn’t run like clockwork, and every minute past that deadline I start to freak out a little more. This was especially bad last week when we added Asian Spoons to our rotation, and I paid the price of being an early adopter by not getting lunch until 2:30. At least we won’t be ordering from them again.

I don’t want to get into details, but I was recently the victim of a stealth tee-shirt mending. The more specific victim was one of my favourite tee-shirts from the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company that I bought during my last trip to NYC, that unfortunately developed a hole in it. It was mended in secret for me… I know some awesome people.

Last week I went with a friend to see the touring of Kids in the Hall (thanks Darla for giving me the heads up on it… I know I still owe you a proper e-mail!). It was awesome to see some of my biggest comedy heroes performing live… although the venue was completely flat, which made it absolutely terrible being in row 30 out of 33. They did mostly new material, which was great. It went by so quickly, though, and I’m still struggling to remember a lot of it… moments like the Statue of Liberty being assaulted by the hero “Superdrunk” and crying out: “help me, poor and tired, you owe me!” I also enjoyed Scott Thompson referring to Seattle as “Vancouver’s B-side” in his Buddy Cole monologue, and I felt supremely nerdy as I accurately called out both the Gavin and the Chicken Lady sketches long before their namesake characters appeared. In short, it was an awesome time.

That’s about it for now…


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