Being a flamingo

So it’s been a somewhat interesting week. We’re finally starting to see some summer weather… this Memorial Day weekend in particular has been gorgeous. Unfortunately I think I’ve come down with a cold… I stayed home Friday with a pretty serious cough, although right now it seems to have gotten considerably better, so maybe it was just a 48-hour flu.

I auditioned for a production of Godspell but didn’t get in. It’s okay because I was really only interested in the role of Judas, and I happen to know the guy who got it is a fantastic triple-threat so there was really no contest. Besides it gives me more opportunity to focus on improv.

I’ve been seeing a lot of the geese I posted about earlier, but with no sign whatsoever of the goslings until two days ago, only the parents. I was pretty sure the young ones had all been killed… it was nice to see them again. They’ve grown a ton as well… soon they’ll be indistinguishable from the other vermin.

I took the opportunity to do a rather unusual gig this Saturday. Woodland Park Zoo just opened a flamingo exhibit, and to help promote it they got a bunch of us from Unexpected to dress up in pink tee-shirts and headbands and move as a flock throughout downtown Seattle, milling about and occasionally standing on one leg. It was more than a bit stupid, but the weather was beautiful and it paid $100 for four hours of being a flamingo. Pictures were taken… I’ll try to post some when they become available.

Got a Memorial Day barbecue tomorrow, then hopefully a pretty quiet week thereafter, which should be nice.


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