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All anyone can ask for

I’ve been tinkering with this blog and its features, and have tricked it out with a bunch of plug-ins and even already created my own (for the random tagline at the top of this blog). I’m considering developing a plug-in … Continue reading

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Bet on the wrong horse

I wish I had something more ceremonious around which to mark this turn of events… my landmark 300th post would’ve been coming up a few months from now, and the fourth anniversary of my starting a blog was only a … Continue reading

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Zero effort on my part

It’s been a week since the improvathon ended and I’m pretty much recovered. I stayed away from the theatre this weekend and was pretty lethargic on the whole, although I also attended the first of three weddings I have scheduled … Continue reading

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The only sleep I need

I suppose it’s time I wrote about the Improvathon that happened this past weekend. It was a rousing success and I spent Monday at home recovering… it’s Tuesday now and I’m mostly better at this point but I was still … Continue reading

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Still alive

I’m still alive. More details when I think I can manage them. Dan.

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Miniature vultures

The baby goslings I posted photos of earlier are still coming around at my work, and look like miniature vultures in their adolescence. I wonder if adorableness is some kind of defence mechanism in baby animals that they lose as … Continue reading

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Some respectable moments

A few weeks ago I found out that Cirque du Soleil had, in fact, set up camp right in my backyard at Marymoor Park for their Corteo show. What’s more, they’d been there since the end of April… I’d somehow … Continue reading

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