A bit mortified

Opening for Rocky Horror was pretty good, although we had some severe technical problems with the microphones. I had forgotten that there had been a guy with a video camera at our tech rehearsal on Wednesday, and was a bit mortified to be shown the following:


Not a particularly good rehearsal night for me (my voice is tired and inconsistent and breaks toward the end), but it’s at least some evidence for those of you who can’t come see the show that I’m actually doing this.

So, if you’re not too turned off by my performance there, be sure to get your tickets while you can… unsurprisingly, Five-Buck Friday is already sold-out. Only thirteen performances remain!

On the subject of morbidly embarrassing videos of me I didn’t know existed until today, you can check out this final scene at the end of the 54 Hour Improvathon, where I was made to deliriously retell The Fellowship of the Ring from the dead bodies of everyone else on stage. Please be kind and remember that I had been performing for 54 hours straight, and had been awake even longer:


There is also an interview of me after the fact:




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2 Responses to A bit mortified

  1. Richardo says:

    good stuff! I’ve been wanting to see the improv thing for a while now. Thanks! any more scenes?

  2. Darla says:

    Holy crap, is that Colin?? It IS! Tell him I said howdy, will ya? I never hear from him! Anyway, once again if you get any sort of DVD for the show let me know, please?

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