Getting saucy

An enterprising young man made some recordings of Saturday night’s Theatresports! I am featured in the first two clips and supporting in the third.

Contents in the first clip are rated PG-13 for being in the second half of the show and the audience getting saucy with its suggestions.

Lou’s Outta Control:


A Half Wit:


The Love Twist:



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2 Responses to Getting saucy

  1. RAEB says:

    They’re okay. Although that is a wicked idea for a game: set up a court trial and have the audience pass judgement. You’ll get two sides of the story that obviously is being improvised as you go and the judge can also be interesting.

    Good to see you’re having fun though! I’m in Halifax for a two-week stint

  2. “My Lord, A thesaurus!” LOL Ohh my goodness, this was very entertaining! Well done =)

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