A mere three days

I’ve been derelict in my updating of this blog. Life, work and theatre have all had me extremely preoccupied, though. Here is a summary of what you may have missed:

  • A mere three days after purchasing my new car, it got a flat tire. Part of the incentive for the car was free roadside assistance, but when I called they said I wasn’t in their system. What followed was a harrowing couple of days that finally ended with me getting reimbursed by the dealer for my trouble. I was relieved when it turned out the tire was punctured by a nail and that it wasn’t a more systemic defect with the new tires. Other than that the car has been relatively trouble-free, but I still miss the features that my previous Corolla LE had.
  • And Then There Were None had its three-week run at Driftwood. It was an extremely challenging role for me with a lot of lines that were difficult to memorize, and a dialect that regularly kicked my ass. We ran Thursday through Sunday which was extremely tiring (and a big part of why I haven’t updated this blog). The show itself was quite well-received and had very good houses on the whole (the silver-hairs come out in droves for Agatha Christie, it seems). One nice side effect of having done this show is that I can now sort-of fake my way through a Standard British dialect, which may prove useful for improv and other theatrical endeavours.
  • Work has been extremely busy for me. Lots of dancing and negotiation with various stakeholders in the project while trying not to lose any inertia on the development itself. This included a one-day trip down to San Jose on a Friday in which I was also meant to be performing in Theatresports, but I couldn’t get a nonstop flight home… and the second flight got delayed by about an hour, causing me ridiculous amounts of stress as I raced to the theatre, bursting in only moments before I needed to be on stage.
  • I naturally haven’t been performing in Theatresports while I was doing And Then There Were None. But I have been participating in other ways, including rehearsing for a crossword puzzle show that opened last week and I’ll be doing my first performance in tomorrow. I have missed improv while doing the other show, and it will be nice to get back to it.
  • Elizabeth and I are taking a long weekend to head down to Las Vegas with some friends in August. Should be good times!

Hopefully that catches everyone up, more or less. I’ll try to write more detailed/regular stuff in the future!


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