A good kind of tired

I’m very tired, but it’s a good kind of tired. It’s that time of year when there are just a ton of social engagements and preparations to make for the end of the year. Tonight alone we are managing to cram in both a wedding (which is unusual in and of itself: a wedding on a Monday evening in December) followed by the holiday party at Unexpected Productions.

Yesterday was my thirty-first birthday, and it was about as nice and low-key as I could have wanted, although we still went to a friend’s cabin for her family’s annual dinner/bonfire, which meant two hours of driving and my allergies coping with their dog.

We’ve been mercifully lucky when it comes to weather, with the temperatures hanging around the mid-forties and not dipping below the mid-to-high thirties. Yesterday alone the weather report called for snow mixed with rain, but instead we had beautifully clear skies and temperatures in the forties. I hope I’m not jinxing things, but we’ve only got one more week before Elizabeth and I jet off to Florida for two weeks… I’m hoping with all my might that the snow continues to hold off until then. (And then, of course, that we get sunny, warm weather while we’re in Florida and not the record low temperatures we had last year.)

Not much else worth reporting at this time. I’ll try to catch this blog up after the holiday…


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3 Responses to A good kind of tired

  1. RAEB says:

    I totally called.

  2. RAEB says:

    lol no worries – just wanted to make sure it wasn’t ANOTHER Dan that I reached. It _did_ bounce me around like pinball clemens back in the 90’s.

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