Positively terrorize

Been an eventful couple of weeks. Elizabeth and I kind of fell into being cast in a staged reading of a new children’s musical, being held at the prestigious Seattle Repertory Theatre. The play is called When The Boogeyman Spent The Night, in which I take up the mantle of the eponymous Boogeyman, a tired, grumpy and sarcastic ghoul (typecasting? …actually, the question mark is unneeded, the perpetrators have already plainly acknowledged it as typecasting). We do the reading next week and have precious little time to prepare in the midst of millions of other things going on in our lives, but from the one rehearsal we’ve had so far it’s clearly going to be a blast. The five of us performing are all good friends, one of whom plays a little boy that I get to positively terrorize. Who could ask for anything more?

We almost couldn’t make the scheduling commitment; our three main nights (split between two rehearsals and the performance) are precisely sandwiched between a weekend holiday at the beach in Moclips, WA with Elizabeth’s family, and our two-week vacation in Canada.

We’ve already been plenty busy. Elizabeth had her graduation ceremony last week – a major milestone for her – and just yesterday we had a follow-up barbecue party at our place to celebrate both her graduation and upcoming birthday. I also had my last Theatresports that I’ll be performing at the Market Theatre, at least until the renovation is completed and we move back in. I felt a sudden nostalgia upon its completion, a sort of sadness for a chapter that’s ending, even though not all that much ought to be changing. I helped out with organizing stuff and cleaning out for the move today (a process that’s being spread out over several weekends; today was the only day I am available), and it’s amazing how much history is in that place, as I went through records of concessions sales that were over 20 years old and threw out instruction manuals for 286 computers and the like. Among the spoils were some pricelessly old headshots of some of our current ensemble members, which I fully intend to scan and post online for all of our amusement.

We’ve had a few days of summer and that’s been nice, but have yet to experience the monstrous heat wave that typically occurs for a brief period each year. I actually snapped a little earlier this spring and bought a portable air conditioner after a short heat wave we experienced, thinking I could get a good price on last-year models (which I did), and that by getting a portable one I could trundle it in and out of our storage locker so that it wouldn’t be taking up space for the vast majority of the year when it isn’t needed. So far it’s proven a good plan except that we haven’t needed it a single day yet. Which is just as well, as it’s noisy as hell (pretty much all of the portable ones are), but I hope I’m not made entirely a chump for purchasing it.

That’s all to report!


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