A snowstorm effect

Well, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way: if you’re one of the few people who ever actually read this blog, you probably are already aware that I returned from my Florida vacation engaged to one Miss Elizabeth Richmond. I proposed in a parking lot adjoining the beach on an unseasonably frosty night. I might not be the most conventionally romantic kind of guy, but I like to think I make up for it by dispensing with the pretentiousness.

We’re planning a Seattle wedding sometime in the late summer of 2013. I thought this was the perfect amount of time to allow for some peace and relaxation (you know, before we get married and have to start planning the next stages of our lives together), but apparently I don’t understand much about how these things work and instead appear to have signed on for an extended marathon of planning… a planathon, I suppose. Elizabeth has been mostly patient with my bewilderment at all this, but I guess for most women the engagement period is more like the final, critical stage of planning that began sometime shortly after they were shown their first Disney movie.

So it’s had something of a snowstorm effect on our lives already, and every day we are discovering anew what kind of give-and-take between us will satisfy both her desire to get things arranged and my desire to play Skyrim instead.

In the midst of all of this a much more literal snowstorm incapacitated most of Seattle last week, as three-to-five inches of snow will easily do over here. So we’ve been hunkering down for the most part and going just a bit stir-crazy, although this one has probably been more benign than the blizzards we’ve had in the past couple of years. We were actually both out and about a fair bit this weekend, and unless another storm hits it looks like this one was not too much of a problem.

The weather hasn’t helped me get back into the swing of things after returning from vacation. I had planned to start attending Broadway Fit regularly, and that hasn’t happened. I also haven’t been back in an improv show yet (at least that hasn’t been cancelled). Hopefully this week will start to see the remedy of those things, as I’m afraid of becoming listless. My next theatrical project will be assistant-directing Amadeus at SecondStory, but that doesn’t go on until April and I’m not sure when production will start on it.

Speaking of productions, I was hoping to have photos of Joseph and my vacation posted before making this update, but I suppose it will have to wait until I’ve fixed that listlessness problem.


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  1. Michael (Mickey) Posluns says:

    Hello Dan.

    My heartiest congratulations on your upcoming wedding. You might let Elizabeth proceed with the planning and you show up for the major events she has planned.

    At any rate, since I don’t think we’ve met except may be in this medium I just wanted to congratulate you.

    I would also be interested in corresponding further if that interests you.



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