I am a software engineering lead on the Minecraft core engine team at Microsoft, and have been a software and video game developer for over a decade in the greater Seattle area. My past employers include Amazon Game Studios, deCarta, ArenaNet, Amaze Entertainment and OkCupid.com.

When not coding I perform live theatre and comedy. I have been an improviser with the Unexpected Productions Theatresports Ensemble since 2007, and have performed in numerous scripted plays and musicals with other theatre companies in the region.

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and attended McMaster University where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Society, from the first school in North America to offer an accredited engineering degree in the discipline of software engineering.

I’m married to Elizabeth Richmond Posluns (who owns and operates Richmond Therapeutic Bodywork) and together we have three children: Elaine “Laney” Posluns, Kalman “Kal” Posluns, and Simon The Dog. We are busy and happy, figuring things out as a family.